10 Things Actors Should Do

  1. Research your craft and the business of acting. Read books, watch tutorials online, watch movies. Learn the basics of filmmaking; what crew positions do such as the director, producer, and production assistant, etc.
  2.  Study the methods of talented actors. You can do this by watching movies or by going to film festivals and conferences.
  3.  Learn how to audition in front of a casting director, producer and director.
  4. Study, read and watch plays. Learn the history and theory of acting as well improvisation and the art of presentation.
  5. Brand yourself. Learn to market your craft and yourself as a serious actor.
  6. Help other actors by sharing info, casting calls, tips and advice.
  7. Network. Get to know other actors personally. Get in the know to find out about auditions. But also, so you’ll have another career minded person to bounce your ideas off, to listen to your monologues, read over your resume, and critique your headshots, etc.
  8. Practice. You can practice your skills by doing local work, student films, extra work, independent films until you get to the next level in your career. You have to start somewhere. And by practicing, you get a chance to experience set life and what is expected of you. It also helps you become prepared as an actor.
  9. Seek agent representation. Yes, you may get turned down. But keep trying. Adhere to their submission guidelines and if you’re lucky to get feedback, listen to it and re-submit again. However, some agents request that you wait a few months before re-submitting.
  10. Get an acting coach or take an acting workshop. In order to hone your skills, you need to keep them sharp. Also, coaches can see what you can’t. They can help you zero in on what you may be lacking or why you aren’t connecting with the audience and landing roles.

Watch the Youtube video below for 3 tips on what actors should do.

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